Friday 14 August 2009


I know I was only meant to write one message but I'm quite excited about this so have to share

just booked a holiday for me, Joe and the boy to stay for a week in Les Gets

check it out!

very excited, the package includes free bike hire, white water rafting, maps of the beautiful walks they have in the area and some other cool stuff like access to pools and the like in the resort.

never been to the Alps before, it'll be perfect as none of us are sitting-around-on-a-beach kinda people (well, my son would do it if he had his games consoles and Joe would probably if there was a game of poker going... all day...!)

really can't wait, think I might have to buy some decent walking shoes but will have to travel light as it's a mega cheap package so will be flying sleazy jet - ahh well, it'll be worth it when we get there!


  1. Ooooh Les Gets looks exquisite!

  2. thanks!! been checking out the webcams, hope the weather stays that awesome!

    Can't wait to get there, I'm going to be a nightmare at work over the next two weeks! x