Thursday 6 August 2009

Morning musings

I had a dentist appointment this morning which resulted in a brand new tooth - hugely exciting (but expensive) for me. So I had to get the tube in, and as I was picking my way carefully through a carriage, trying to avoid stepping on the painted toes and sandaled feet of the Brixton populace I pondered over two topics.

Firstly, how ridiculous has women's footwear become? I absolutely adore the colourful bejewelled assortment of strappy high-street offerings that I am witness to on a regular basis, but wouldn't dream of wearing them for the morning commute! Some sandals are literally nothing more than a slab of leather and a piece of string, yet invariably those are the styles that cost the most! :-D

I recognise just how old I'm making myself sound, but it's worth noting that most of the occasions I've ventured out with open-fronted footwear, I've almost lost toe-nails!!

Secondly, I was pondering over the dude outside the station preaching the Gospel. He's there every time I take the tube, God knows what time he gets there! I couldn't help but wonder though if his serman is all ad lib, or a composition of cleverly constructed phrases (rather like a good ad campaign) that he repeats throughout the course of the morning. I wonder what the commuters and free paper distributors think about him, I wonder if they even listen, I wonder where he goes afterwards... To write new material, buy batteries for his mic, pour over the good book...or maybe he's got a boring desk job in some bank? I wonder.

In any case, it's rather nice to listen to as is quite in contrast to the people of frequent Brixton station later on in the day, the dodgy saxophonist, or guys who stand at the top of the stairs and ask if you've finished with your travelcard or, if a gig's on at the academy, if you've got tickets to buy or sell, buy or sell, buy or sell...

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