Tuesday 4 August 2009

Pretty damn sweet Maximuscle deal

I decided to stop arsing around with Promax Diet mini tubs - what's the point? I know I like them so why get dinky tubs that don't last long enough and result in my having to get the long-suffering boyfriend to cart additional ones back when I've run out?

So now I'm feeling very pleased with myself as I took advantage of the 3 large tubs of Promax Diet for £99 offer:
which saved me £32.97. I got 2 banana and 1 strawberry, which I might just take home with me instead of leaving at work because it makes the best smoothies :-)

I also had a £5 'Summer Sports' voucher code they'd sent me which reduced the price further to £94, and *then* I was presented with some great free gift options at the checkout!

Have a look at these:
* £6 off your next order (my choice, bit of a no-brainer!)
* Free next day delivery (which isn't necessary as I'm not in a hurry to get my goods and 1-4 day delivery is free anyway)
* A Maximuscle shaker (great item but I have a zillion!!)
* No free gift (why???? Actually, would be nice if they offered a charity option like ZipVit.co.uk does - you can opt to donate a £1 to the MacMillan Cancer Trust instead of receiving a free gift. Nice :-) )

As you can see, as I've spent over £65 I can claim some free Promax Crisp Bars, hurrah! That's a bit of a Brucey Bonus, I'm very chuffed at that!

Not sure if that means I'll get a whole box (that would be awesome!) or just a couple - but I'm guessing that the inclusion of the 's' means I'll at least get more than one!

Very much looking forward to my deliveries :-)

Another rather good Maximuscle deal that I've taken advantage of, twice, recently and that you probably won't see advertised on the site is:

Buy one case of Maxi-milk and get another one for free! (while stocks last)

Oh, and one more thing - I got a voucher code after checkout for She Active which is a site that sells the most gorgeous sports clothes for just about every activity you can think of! I've been expressly forbidden from buying anymore sports clothing as it takes up two large drawers already (to say nothing of the sport equipment and gadgets I have lying about our reception room!)

The voucher code is MXSP08 and is for 10% off your order. They appear to have a sale on at the moment too which means you'll save even more!

Ooooh it's very tempting




  1. Does it show my age that I know what Brucey bonus is?

    Looks like you got some bargains there, may just have to pop over and check it out myself. Like I need any new stuff LOL!

  2. ha! yeah, I'm dreadful, I have so much stuff I don't need

    I only allow myself the maximuscle stuff because I know it'll get drunk by me and my other half. I've got a drawer full of cereal bars that I've amassed over the last few months which will never get eaten as I've totally gone off them - what a waste!

    actually, think I'll take them home and put them in my son's lunch box, what a fab idea

    I'm quite pleased with myself now! :-D

  3. Hey, I'm a member at the Innovations Sports Running Club, within Innovation Sports, www.innovationsports.co.uk. BTW - love your blog.

  4. Thanks! :-)

    I love innovation sports! Those are the fab people who do the Clapham Common race series aren't they? I love those races, they're always really well marshalled and organised - plus CC is pretty much flat which is a bonus, and only 20 minutes away from home by bus!