Wednesday 26 August 2009

quick post and thoughts and plans for the future

arghhh!! I think I'm losing my mind... have spent the *entire* day trying to fix a really bloody simple calculation, thinking the code is fine, promoting and re-promoting it through 3 different environments... JUST to find that I need to make more changes

this is my final go, I might just go a bit mental if it doesn't produce some sensible results in LIVE!

anyway, hi, sorry I've been so shit at posting but I've actually been doing some work ("for a change?!", I hear you cry!) well, YES... it does seem as if I've turned a corner and am on the right way to becoming a useful part of our little systems team.

I don't know what it is exactly that has helped but I'm pretty sure that gaining new control over my food and eating habit - I am now able to resist the peanut butter... yes... even with the baby teaspoon... I realise now that these little cheats are only my negative self's way of sabotaging my efforts.

Over the past few weeks I have managed to rein in my eating and ramp up my training... it has produced fantastic results, I am so chuffed to be able to see clearly now the fruits of my labour!

I have also come to a few decisions about what I want to do academically from this point forward...

I was studying for a degree in Computing with Business, and, as I reported earlier this month, I passed the first module that I needed to complete.

However, completing that course made me realise that I don't actually want to be a programmer, which is a bit rubbish as a) that's pretty much what most of my current job entails! and b) Joe bought me a nice new PC for crimbo with the intention of it helping me out to this gain!

Over the past few months I have learnt so much about health, fitness and nutrition that I want it to become a part of who I am even more so. I want to learn about it properly instead of reading articles and posts that other people have written. In other words, I want to study, and not passively ingest it - if that makes any sense?!

So, as I'd very much like to stick with the Open University, I have changed my course route to working towards an Open Degree - I'm hoping to achieve a BSc (hons) which will require an additional 330 points to achieve.

I feel SO super happy at making this decision as now I can tailor my degree to suit me.

I have also noted that along the way to attaining my degree I can pick up various other qualifications. So, to start, I'm going to aim towards a Certificate in Health Sciences , the first course of this being Introducing health sciences: a case study approach , which sounds really interesting! After completing that I have to choose enough courses to get 30/35 points, after which I will get the certificate.

The courses I will probably do to follow are:

Challenging obesity (15 points)
Human genetics and health issues (10 points)
Understanding human nutrition (10 points)

However, I'm really interested in:
Chance, risk and health, Understanding cancers , Understanding cardiovascular diseases and Molecules, medicines and drugs: a chemical story so will definitely do them too at some other point to count towards my overall degree!

I've actually got to dash off now as am going to meet up with friends at a nice Turkish restaurant in Soho... looking forward to that, I'm famished!

I'll write more when I get the chance, hope everyone is well, just thought I'd share my news - positive times :-)


P.S. calculation works, woooot!!

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