Tuesday 8 September 2009

sunny afternoon...

...in London and I'm sneezing my head off - typical! I read something by Jenny Eclair in the current issue of 'Living South' (just south of the River that is... it doesn't cover half the country!) about her recent trip abroad - to Bulgaria I think - where her bloke's sinus issues totally cleared up and she could sleep peacefully with a snore-free fella!!

of course, as soon as they got back to the good old UK his sinus 'issues' reappeared - this city sucks for air cleanliness!!

anyway, I'm off home in a mo, not going to make the same mistake as yesterday and leave too late to go to the gym... I've a date with some weights!


P.S. I got up at 06:15 for psycho spin this morning, go me!

P.P.S. THEN I cycled to work, go me more haha!

P.P.P.S. I just 'tried' to eat a Boots 'Body Build' protein bar... it sounded great, chocolate and strawberry flavour, only 157 cals and 3.9g fat per bar and 20g of protein to boot!

it's fucking minging, excuuuuuse ma french, but it is... really quite revolting... I managed half but I'm going to have to bin it... sorry Boots... I love your store, I regularly spend over £100 there on creams, potions, lotions and make-up (and I don't even wear makeup really during the week!!), but I have to say that your 'Body Build' bar is just rotten

P.P.P.P.S. forgot to say, I uploaded holiday snaps to Flickr so will be dipping into them for the best ones soon :-)


  1. I used to live in Oxon and my chest and sinuses suffered badly, it is much better up here, especially as I am near the coast. Hope you feel better soon.

    Go you with all that exercise (faints).

    And OK, will give the Boots bar a miss, lol!

    Lookin forward to seeing the pics.

  2. God, there's no way I'd get up that early to exercise; just not as dedicated as you :o)

    Good to know the Boots bars are horrible and one to avoid, ta. Looking forward to the photos!

  3. Yeah, that's the way we roll!!! Tell it how it is....Fucking Minging.x