Monday 14 September 2009

Saracens Saturday

I'm not a huge rugby fan... don't get me wrong, big butch burly men running round in short thigh-exposing shorts really does it for me big style - but I can't understand the game to save my life!

Give me football and I'll be able to tell you exactly what's going on, I even know the offside rule (get me!) possibly stemming from dating a Sunderland AFC fan (I still follow their progress to this day, for my sin!) and having a son who played for Fulham FC juniors in goal for a few years... check him out, so cute, can't believe he was ever that small! :-)

These are from his first year when his team basically won everything! The other teams in the 5-aside league used to hate the Fulham kids with a passion as they won most titles

One of the many benefits of playing for Fulham FC Juniors is that we got to go see games for a fiver and my son got to be ball boy and parade his team's trophies at the end of season on the pitch!

here's him and his team outside of Craven Cottage:

and here they are on the pitch

The guy with the boys is Ross, he was an awesome coach but was hounded out by another Dad who had delusions of grandeur and was on a power trip, very sad :-( I wonder what he's doing, it wasn't the same after he got forced out left. He was running a company called Brasilia Soccer, I hope it's doing well.

ooh, come back with that! :-D

At a penalty shoot-out... times like this (actually most times!) when I'd wished my son had picked any other position than that of goalkeeper!!

And here's my boy a year later, looking a lot more grown up, still dinky though :-)

Anyway, not sure where all that was going, think it might have just been an excuse for some proud Mummy pics :-D

So, Saturday we went to see the mighty Saracens take on the Northampton Saints. I'd not been to Wembley Stadium before (have seen bucket loads of gigs at the Arena but never in the actual stadium!) so was super excited and my son was too :-)

The first half was pretty dull but the second was great, not that I understood any of it but there was lots of cheering, running around and, importantly, scoring!

here are some pics - here's me and my completely and utterly attractive stunner of a boyfriend

wow, what a hottie, how can I resist eh?!

A nice pic of me and the boy

Mmm, thighs...

I did ask my son if he felt in any way 'odd' turning up to a RUGBY match in a Liverpool FC football top?! I don't think he'd even given it much thought until that point!

Now, I absolutely love this picture, it's my phone wallpaper at the mo, but yet again it's blurred :-(

I reckon I might have to get a new camera, pah

doesn't my son look so much like me - poor kid eh?! :-D

hmm, he's got a bit of a way to go before he catches up with Joe ;-)

Last but not least of the Wembley pics is one of us outside the stadium, a rare full length pic of me! I was unhappy at first as Joe took it from not the most flattering of angles but then he did a) get the arch of Wembley Stadium in (although you have to squint as it was quite a bright day!) and b) manage to make my legs look pretty long - those jeans are a size 10 btw woot woot!!! :-D

and here's him trying to be sly a nick Joe's wine... no love, you're not in France anymore!

We went back to Ozer, the place I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, and had the 'Healthy Menu' again... the service there is faultless and the food is so wonderfully fresh and tasty - and good value for money!! If you live in the Capital, or are thinking of visiting, then check out:

Ozer Restaurant and Bar
5 Langham Place

T: +44 (0) 20 7323 0505
T: +44 (0) 20 7323 0111

That reminds me, I must contact them this week about Xmas menus... as I did 'such a good job' last year at organising the annual festive meal I've been given the job again. Joy. The rule is that last one in takes on the task... however, our latest in was our Head of Pensions - who therefore has the almighty power of.... D.E.L.E.G.A.T.I.O.N


anyway, that's enough from me, hope you're all hunky dory, I'm very well and looking forward to writing up my piece for the Maximuscle Body of 2009 competition - entries close beginning of next week, not long now, very pleased with results now so all I need to do is get typing and also snapping!!

Laters lovely people



  1. Thanks! :-) he's quite a bit older and spottier than the first pics now, bahhh

    happens to the best of us though eh? ;-)

  2. Argh, rugby ANNOYS the bejaysus out of me! It's like they just make it up as they go along! And I must be one of the only women on the planet for whom the "rugby physique" does nothing. I'm used to being the odd one out though, it's OK ;)

  3. haha, but *which* rugby physique do you not like? The shapes and sizes vary according to which position they play... You have the stereotypical big huge powerful guys who go at the front... but guys at the back tend to be lighter and more athletic... those are the guys I prefer ;-)

    funny that I should end up with a guy with a cyclist's build mind! not that I'm complaining!

    oh and I'm with you on the rules - VERY confusing!!

  4. ha I know there are different ones alright but the stereotypical one that springs to mind (in terms of Irish players/ex-players anyway!) would be Mr. Cauliflower Ears himself Keith Wood rather than the other types like Peter "stringbean" Stringer :P