Friday 18 September 2009

I'm not good at

articulating my thoughts in any brief manner, in fact... if you look up 'succinct' in the dictionary, my face is *definitely* not beside it!

however, all that aside, I still have to keep my shit down to 900 words for my entry to the Maximuscle Body of 2009 comp and, to be honest, I haven't even begun to think what I'm going to write really - probably because I don't really know what I want to say!

Whatever. It's not going to happen tonight, I've had too much to drink to be able to compose anything of real merit.

You see, tonight Joe is out, playing poker as I type this. Our friend Dom has been bought into (at £1k buy-in!!), and is reporting on, the The World Series of Poker Europe here in London at the Empire Casino in Leicester Square tonight. So it's me and the cats, and the telly. So far Derren Brown has failed to 'stick' me to my seat... I did feel a little disappointment at this, but given that I am fairly unstable in the mind, and have a hypnotherapist for a mother, I'm not all that surprised at this.

Next was Jonathan Ross who had the excellent Eddie Izzard on, having just run/walked/crawled 43 marathons for Sport Relief... honestly, what a fucking legend, seriously... I love this guy and it's not just 'in my miiiind' ha! Also on was Peter Andre, who I can't look at and not be reminded of my ex... not that my ex was an australian greek-cypriot, but, let's put it this way... his lips made most women jealous and when we went to Turkey he was mistaken for a local!

blergh, definitely a bit drunk, I think I might make the most out of my privacy and intoxication and get a bit more honest with you good people about my history and what led me here. We'll see, gonna post this and have a think about it.


  1. drunk?? Me too! A wee bit too much vino. Thanks for getting my original pic back....I'll replace it when I'm back from work tonight.xx

  2. I love your new profile pic - me hearties!

    Oh, sounds like I missed a great JR programme last night. Will have to see if I can get it on catch up. I am amazed at Eddie, thought he would never do it. Hope there is a book, a TV show or both!

    Hope you haven't got a hangover today, lol.

  3. Ah.. a drunken blogger, a gal after me own heart! Love to hear more about your story sometime...

    Edna x