Thursday 1 October 2009

Hungry hungry!

is what I feel today!

I've been resting my feet/ankles since my race on Sunday so haven't been doing any impact work. Yesterday I got to work early and used the cross trainer (annoying thing, always makes my toes go numb!) and today I went to my local gym on the way in to use the stationary bike. that was also annoying with it huuuuuge slippy seat - not comfy at all!

did a hill session though for 40 mins which made me sweat and puff profusely so must have been good :-D Will be going to the gym with Joe after dinner to put him through his paces with some free weight training and core work too. I'm trying to get him to take part in the 30 day Cyclone Challenge as he's always moaning that he'd like to be bigger... but not doing anything decisive about it!

don't know why I feel so ravenous, I guess I just have days like this, I think I've not drunk enough water, have had plenty of snacks though! I've run out of babybel lights, grr, and licorice, dammit! I might have a promax crisp bar or some cottage cheese to take the edge off my hunger as hopefully will be eating quite early tonight, my son has requested salmon, cous cous and salad tonight (no, he's not like most 13 year olds!) and we have some teriyaki marinade, yum!!

going to update my blog a bit I think, add a couple of links to interesting sites and maybe a bit more about that types of food I eat and that - stuff that people normally have on their blog but that I seem to be missing!

off now to get some grub :-)



Forgot to say, I've had some more deals come through from Maximuscle, which is fab as I needed to order some more Promax Diet Bars (1) as my son managed to work his way through 10 of them sneakily over the last few months... most annoyed, furious in fact, but that's another story...

So, at the moment you can get:

1) 2 Boxes of Promax Diet Bars for only £35
(Promax diet bars are only 204 cals each so if you fancy something more substantial than a Promax Crisp bar, you can do what I do at times and eat half in the morning as a snack and half later on in the day - they don't melt or go funny after you've unwrapped them :-) )

2) Buy a mini tub (very handy for in the office or your gym bag) and get a FREE box of Promax Crisp bars
(Promax Crisp bars are super yummy, crispy chocolate rice bars, very light and ideal to keep in your handbag for when you're at a meeting where they insist on serving cakes/biscuits with the coffee... grrr, helps with the temptation factor!

3) Buy a pack of Thermbol and get a FREE tub of Promax (not diet)
(Thermobol is fab, have been using it regularly for the last month and it's produced a noticeable effect on my fat burning!!)

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