Wednesday 7 October 2009

Spray that again....!

Bit of a shabby start to the day... woke up late, missed my train so jumped on bus to Brixton only to find that it, well, didn't move! There was some fire nearby so they had to close off one of the main roads.

ordinarily, getting in after 10am just means a couple of swipes in jest from my boss but unfortunately it was our whole departmental communication meeting today - at 10 - so when I got to the door at 10:10 and saw it shut with "closed for meeting" on it I thought 'shit'. I had to walk in, in silence, pull up a pew and sit down sheepishly.

As I woke up late I hadn't sorted breakfast out so had to sit in front of the big boss with my stomach growling away - audibly! - and the meeting took forever as he was relaying our company's half year results (the presentation of which I'd already seen twice before!).

Anyway, at 11am I managed to escape, dash to my desk and wolf a Promax Diet bar down. Feel slightly less panicky and stressed now (cardio and core last night = hungry TJ!!).

Ahh, breathe in, and relax.

So, yesterday saw me getting my first ever spray tan!

My preparation was a bit off... I dashed downstairs to the gym after work to do my mat core routine, afterwards I couldn't resist the thought of building up a sweat on the cross trainer so leapt on that and programmed in a hill session... sure enough, 5 minutes in and I'm glistening nicely (I'm sure not everyone would be sweating at this but I'm one of those people that sweat, and go red, and look unattractive haha!) and feeling mildly out of breath. I'm not sure if you can really build up breathlessness on a cross trainer as there's no impact but I do give it a good shot!

After 15 minutes of this, and it being 18:10 (my appointment scheduled for 18:30!) I realised I had to get off and leave so had a quick shower and raced out the building. Fortunately I work in Victoria and the beauty salon is in Green Park (1 stop on the tube!) so got off the tube just before half past... couldn't find the damn place though as don't really know my way round Mayfair (although lovely area, nice looking pubs and dinky shops with interesting things inside) but eventually found it and went in, bathed in a pool of sweat - not good prep for tanning!!!!

The lady was lovely though and very understanding. She asked me to strip and put on this ridiculous disposable pants:

niiiiiiice pants!!

When she returned I felt like a total twit stood there in a paper thong, and nothing else. felt very body conscious and not like the 'Body of 2009' at all!!! I felt like a div, and didn't think I looked, or would look anything like the girl in this poster:

Anyway, after *ahem* moisturising my dry bits (only elbows, knees, between fingers and toes - nothing more obscure!), she started the spraying process, using this thing which looks like one of those machines you strap to your back to spray paint a fence!

It wasn't unpleasant, just a little cold and tickly, ha! very strange experience, standing half naked in front of a stranger who I was *sure* was doing her best to consciously ensure she maintained eye-contact at ALL times while talking to me, while being sprayed with a jet/mist of dark liquid.

I couldn't really see any results straight away, until I moved the elastic from my paper panties to see how white I was underneath!!

The worst part was standing in front of some pathetic little fan on the floor waiting to dry off. Xen Tan doesn't use alcohol to dry you off faster like I've been told some other products do, this is to keep your skin hydrated and not get dry patches, this meant I was still a bit 'tacky' when putting on my clothes. The stuff smells lovely though, really great, so impressed!

Actually, the fan wasn't the worst part, the worst part was getting the tube home while stood in large baggy black trousers and a long sleeved top but with no underwear underneath... I don't ever go out without a bra, it's just against my religion, there's NO way I'm going to have saggy boobs when I'm older thank you very much and it was a very odd feeling indeed!

Anyway, I woke up today and it looks great!! Not actually as dark as I'd hoped as I was recommended the 'dark' colour so that it would fade to 'medium' by Friday but it's not that dark at all, and definitely NOT orange!! I look very olive skinned, it's lovely actually, I'm so impressed I'm definitely going to go back there again!

I might see if I can buy their self-tanning products too... actually I've just used their store locator thingy and apparently I can get it at House of Fraser down the road from me. Damn, I hate shopping with the enemy! Why can't my store stock it?!! I might see if I can speak to someone here about it, seems silly!

Ahh well, will go see what they've got, I really love the colour, it looks so natural, not even a hint of orange! Worried about how long it'll last though, so will probably almost definitely see if I can get some cream to 'top it up' :-) Can you tell I'm thrilled?! I'm not used to having colour, there's so much cancer in my family I really shy away from the sun... plus (if you've not guessed already!) I'm not one of those people who can just lie in the sun tanning, I'd get hot and bored, I need to be up and active, any tan that gets through my sun block is a nice additional extra!

I *do* have very brown forearms in comparison to the rest of me probably because of my active lifestyle - but white hands and brown fingertips from cycle gloves, haha!!

Anyway, enough of that tanning malarky, I need to get on and do some work. I'm going out this lunch time to my work's big store in Oxford St to see if I can get me some nice sports gear. Nothing I have matches! Plus I've been requested to bring some black trousers with me and my current pair of Warehouse size 12s is silly large so I'm going to see if I can get a pair of size 10s! Not holding out too much hope though, my waist might be small but my bum isn't (which is fine by me, I like my shapely bottom, so does my boyfriend!) - I made the mistake of going into Topshop the other day to try on some of their stuff... err.. depressing, I have to face it, I don't have the hips of a teenager anymore!!

I might also see if I can get a nice slinky dress to show off my curves, though I think I might just end up taking the purple one I wore in my competition entry pics as I'm quite fond of it and I think it's quite classy but gives me a nice shape :-)

Right, I'm offski, hope you all have a fab day!


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