Monday 12 October 2009

Look what I found... ;-)

I've been having a clear out of old stuff, papers, magazines etc and I found this...

This, I believe, is the Maximuscle catalogue that started this whole thing off! This is the one that I found in an issue of 220 Triathlon at the beginning of this year... this is the catalogue that I looked through and thought "hey, they've actually got some pretty serious athletes using their stuff... I wonder if it's any good?"

Gosh, if I'd known then how much would change as a result of that glossy mag!

Off to ponder, will post weekend pics tomorrow, just uploading them to Flickr's farm :-D

Night peeps xx


  1. Now if only I could capture my awkward moment at build a bear,,,,staring at my fatitude and thinking "I am too smart to be this fat". Your story is more inspirational lol. Keep up the good work.

  2. *anybody* who loses weight is inspirational! It's such bloody hard work!

    It's just soooo easy to put on weight, food has never been cheaper, tastier and more accessible than it is now. Plus our homes are full of gadgets that make our lives 'easier' in the sense that there's less for us to actually 'do'!

    PLUS we have machines to transport us anywhere we like without any effort on our part...

    it's so difficult to get active and eat less when it's sooo much easier to do the opposite!