Thursday 15 October 2009

a little dejected

I didn't win. I'm not surprised, but I am gutted.

I need to put some makeup on now because I'm leaving soon to meet a friend for dinner, but I'm worried I'll just cry it all off

feeling very sad, but I'm sure it'll pass soon, I've come too far to let this get me down for any length of time

but I'm going to be sad for a bit, I can't help that right now, it did mean a lot to me, but not everything, so I'll be okay, just not right now, at this precise moment in time


  1. Oh sweetie, I am so sorry, I really thought you would win it. Chin up girl, aim high with me for NABBA next year - we can do it!

    Love ya!

  2. Nooooooo! Don't be sad! You were a FINALIST! Think how many hundreds of girls entered and didn't get to be a finalist...ahem... ;-)

    If that were I (note my impeccable grammar), I'd have that emblazoned all over a T-Shirt by now (a very tight T-Shirt of course!).
    Hmmm... maybe I could get a 'I read the blog of a finalist of Body of 2009' T-Shirt made....?

    At least get it printed up on a mug so when you drink your morning cuppa it'll get you in the positive frame of mind!


  3. Sorry to hear that but really look at what you achieved this year. Imagine what you will have achieved in another year's time, feck that, even in a few months!

  4. Chin up, missus. Still a crackin' figure; still a remarkable achievement; still a top girl.

  5. I'm sorry, that sucks.
    On the upside, you look good enough in a bathing suit to enter a competition called
    Body of 2009 and still be a finalist. If I entered that competition, I would have been harpooned. Feel better hon.
    Chin up....pip pip and all that.
    Have a nice dinner.

  6. like the lady above, i am thinking that it doesn't matter that much that you didn't win.

    being a finalist in a comp like that means you have achieved your goal of having a superior body.

    be smug baby!!!


  7. Hi Hun....I so thought you would you Im gutted too, but we have to think...out of all the thousands of entries we got through to the final 4!!!!! We did so well!
    I have done the whole eat everything insight and gain 12lbs in a week ( I was in New York though!);-( but now am gonna come back stronger and better than before!

    I look forward to seeing you at the final next year too!

    Who won do you know???

    Luc the boxing babe x

  8. Hey Luc! Rebecca won in the end - didn't you ask who did? I'm so nosey I had to know, lol ;-)

    Sorry to hear you've gained so much weight!! I'm up a little but that's because I was so nervous in the run up to the photoshoot I could hardly eat anything!

    I'm actually in better shape now than I was then - my stomach is a lot flatter and I'd injured my shoulder weight-training and hadn't been able to lift even a shopping bag for more than 2 weeks so my arms looked like shit :-(

    they look good now, but it's a bit too late eh? ;-)

    ahh well, if you fail to prepare you should prepare to fail and all that - at least I've got *loooads* of time to prepare for next year's comp, although not sure what that'll be - what categories etc...

    have you any sooner goals to aim for?

    you and E will be in the catalogues more than either Rebecca or I as you had the extra shots taken at the end so that's a bonus huh? :-)

    send me an email if you like at would love to hear more from you

    hope you enjoyed your hols, it's *very* easy to overeat in America isn't it? xx