Wednesday 14 October 2009

I don't think...

..I'm going to run out of Promax Crisp or Diet bars any time soon!

I'm stocking up while there's such great offers on so, in addition to the two boxes (one chocolate, one chocolate and orange) of Promax Diet bars I received last week, I also had myself a nice delivery today ;-) I only ordered it on Monday so v chuffed with how quickly it arrived!

Got to take advantage of the buy-one-get-one-free offers whilst they're still around, when else are you going to get a yummy chocolate bar which only contains 84 Calories but has a whopping 6g of Protein for less than 50p?!

I also got another two boxes of Promax Diet bars (both in choccy orange flavour Mmmm drooool) for when I need something a little more substantial.

Speaking of bars, has anyone ever tried one of those Atkins advantage ones? I bought a 'meal bar' version a little while back which was revolting so I've not done that since... but the other day I was in Boots and my attention was caught by this 'Endulge Crispy Milk Chocolate Bar' which looked quite tasty so I thought I'd try it out.

The first bite was okay but after it had 'gone down' I felt like I had this oily film in my mouth, it was like I'd taken a bite out of a chocolate bar and then a spoonful of caster oil straight after! Won't be buying that again... I can bypass the dubious spelling... I *know* it's not *meant* to say 'indulge' but I think it looks lame... and the grammar:

"The Atkins Endulge Crispy Milk Chocolate Bar offer nutricious and delicious options to be eaten as a snack for when your feeling peckish or an healthy treat."

can also be overlooked, as irritating as it is (this is a multi-global company, Boots is the biggest pharmaceutical and beauty shop in the UK - WHY don't they proof-read their ads?!!) - and it's not just on that page either, check out the spelling for 'nutritious' on the page for Chocolate Decadance Bar...!

I'm not going to investigate the other Atkins products on the site as the poor spelling and grammar will just cause me to have a huge hissy fit and start twitching slightly, in the eyelid!! ;-)

Instead I will tell you of bars that I *do* like:

My local Sainsbury's Market which has a small but comprehensive range of more 'interesting' foods like Trek bars and Nakd bars too has recently started stocking Nakd bars in Banana Bread flavour! It's hilarious because it does *actually* taste like banana bread, raisins, flour, bananas and all - it's pretty accurate!

They're nice but I'm not sure I'll buy another packet again as they're a bit too sweet for my liking... I adore the Berry Cheeky ones as they've got a certain savoury nutty element to them which is really nice... but don't like the Cocoa Loco ones because I think they're *too* savoury - gosh I'm so hard to please!! Good job I have the Promax bars to stop any choccy cravings :-D

I also quite like these bars by 'The Food Doctor', Ian Marber, whose blog I follow:

He's got a new book coming out (see this recent entry on his blog for more details).

This bar is great if you've got nothing fresh and you fancy something fruity with a little more bite. It only has 113 calories but has 3.4g of Protein, which is pretty good for a fruit bar! I guess because it also has other stuff like quinoa (which I had for lunch today with quorn and spinach), hemp, rice protein, linseeds etc, only drawback is it's a little on the pricey side... as most healthy things tend to be - boo!!

Yesterday was good, I did a 5k run at 10 m/m pace and barely broke a sweat! My fitness is coming on leaps and bounds :-)

In the evening I took my son our local recreational centre to do a bit of climbing. The wall there is pretty basic, and there's only one, so it's not a place I'd consider climbing at but it's great for him to gain and improve on his technical skills. There's an automatic belay device too so he can practice climbing on that on his own. He let go of the end of it after unclipping - wally! - so had to climb back up using a top rope to retrieve it!

I took a pic but it was indoors on my crappy BlackBerry, lol! You can 'just' about make him out in his Liverpool FC football shirt ;-)

It's great there though and the instructor is really really lovely, but seems quite firm too which you need as climbing is a dangerous sport!

It'll be great for him to improve his skills and he'll be able to show me how well he's doing when we go to The Castle - as I've bought a load of sessions in bulk I get to take him along for free! :-)

I've just discovered today that I'm going to be losing my boyfriend at the weekends again next year *sigh*

check out the thread:

Tara ###### wrote on 14/10/2009 15:36:15:

you've just made yourself *very* unpopular to a lot of WAGs - your
own included!! ;-)

Tara #######
Pension Systems


joe #######
14/10/2009 15:33




Who's in?

Steve's just let me know the 2010 Etape route has been announced...



russen fussen russen fussen mutter mutter grumble >:-(

ahh well, at least it means I get another holiday in France out of it. Actually, I'll be having at least 2 holidays there next year as a couple of my friends are getting married there and we plan to make a holiday of it... stay for Bastille Day :-)

Right, I'm off now to meet my beloved for our third week of Alpha, hope you all have fabulous evenings/days!



  1. Thanks for the food doctor link! x

  2. I like the south beach bars, they have a good amount of protein and they taste good. atkins bars suck. I eat the raisen cinnamon south beach bars. Tasty. The climbing looks fun.

  3. Hmmm... I am definitely going to have to check out some of these products. They all look so interesting. And climbing? That hella rocks.

    Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I really thought it was insightful. It definitely made me think. I certainly don't fit in, and maybe I should just embrace that part of myself. You've given me a lot of food for thought.

  4. I can't resist trying out new "healthy" bars either, and have a nice stockpile built up from America. Stockpiles tend to dwindle though, especially when the bars are delicious.

    Banana bread Nakd bar looks intriguing. Am such a ho for banana bread ;)

  5. heh, I wonder if I *only* buy products because they're labelled as healthy at times! Like maybe I'm addicted to health food, rather like people can get addicted to junk food?

    or maybe I just get bored really easily and like to try new things :-)