Friday 9 October 2009

super duper day (and not even over yet!)

I am the embodiment of all things annoying at the moment. In fact, if you met me I'd probably really bloody irritate you given that I have all the enthusiasm of a 'charity mugger' and the talking speed of a loved up teenager on amphetamines.

I've had a good day :-D

It's been a scary one though, my armpits probably whiff a bit as I got all nervous and sweaty quite a few times (and just in case you are thinking that I lack basic hygiene principles I must add that I DO use anti-perspirant on a daily basis... I'd just not too much on this morning as I didn't want to get it all over my clothes during changes!).

I don't think I've *ever* experienced having a trembling mouth before! Honestly, I was trying to smile but my lips were wobbling all over the place, pretty ridiculous huh?

Anyway, here's how it went...

I got up early - 6am - ouch! which ordinarily wouldn't be *too* painful but I'd not slept much last night because of nerves/excitement (nervitement? no, sorry that's not going to work) and I felt a bit rubbish and groggy.

Fortunately I got to Kings Cross station with plenty of time to catch the 07:52 to Stevenage so grabbed a LARGE skinny latte and a bottle of water.

I got to the photographers just after 08:30, and met up with the lovely lady who'd delivered the stunning news that I'd made the finals to me the other week - I didn't know whether to shake her hand or hug her... I opted for the former (can't have her thinking I'm a complete nutter... not this early on anyway ;-) ) and we went inside and waited for the others.

I had my makeup done very adeptly and my hair curled at the ends - love it, it's so straight and boring usually - all in all I felt like a princes/popstar/actress/something else glamorous!

The first part of the shoot involved me standing in sporty gear pulling a few poses. I'm told I looked natural but I certainly didn't feel it and didn't think I looked that great in the pictures - face too fat, arms not defined enough etc, plus didn't think the poses were that flattering or particularly adventurous but I'm guessing that's my own fault and I could have been a little more imaginative myself really! I just felt like a bit of a plonker and I had the whole sweaty clammy palm thing, plus the trembling mouth and knees... doesn't make for a very good picture!

In contrast to this, the next two women blew me away! Particularly the woman who went straight after me! She was very slight, not an ounce of fat and great muscle definition. Not exactly the look I'd like, or could probably achieve unless I seriously changed my eating and drinking and cut out a lot of what makes me happy - i.e. going for meals with my friends and family and the odd glass of wine or cocktail. I don't know if I'd want to have such a low percentage of bodyfat though, I think it can take away from what makes you feminine! She did look superb though, her stomach was amazing and she was super bodyconfident but super nice.

The next lady was almost identical in terms of height, size and face shape, they could have been related! Different hair colours though, the first was blonde, the second was a redhead and the other girl was a brunette - I'm well, err, a combination of all three really, ha! The second lady although not as muscular, was very petite too and looked AMAZING considering her age - 40! I couldn't believe it, not that that's old but she certainly didn't look that age! She's also super brainy and works in cardiology - just goes to show you can be bright, beautiful AND have a great body to boot!

The 3rd girl was nearly 10 years my junior - arghh, I feel so old! She'd lost a lot of weight, similarly to me by eating better and taking up various forms of exercise. She looked much more what I'd deem to be a 'normal' look though, like last year's winner, Vicky, and like me! Neither of us are totally ripped, we're both quite womanly looking and both have bits about us that still wobble, but both of us are happy with how we look and have made excellent progress :-)

So yeah, we all had individual pics taken in a variety of sporty outfits then group shots of us in black trousers and a white shirt and then in dresses. I regretted not wearing a cropped top in any of my 'sporty' pics (though snuck one on for the 'sporty' group shots!) and also not 'dressing the part' so to speak. The second lady had the most amazing outfit consisting of the most microscopic pair of black shorts that left nothing to the imagination - you could see her bum in some of the pics but then you can when you wear bikini bottoms and she has a rather lovely petite bum - if you've got it, flaunt it huh? As she's into her boxercise she brought boots and gloves too, together with an almost backless bra-top. I felt very under prepared really, I could have worn my weight gloves to represent 'my sport' so to speak... although I did bring a running outfit (3/4 tights and t-shirt) but it was 'too pink' haha!

Anyway, I can't whinge, and I shouldn't, because it was an amazing experience but I do wish I'd prepared my outfits a little better and worn shorts to show off my quads.

I also felt like a giant!!! Honestly, everyone was shorter than me and smaller too... I felt huuuuuge! The only time I didn't was when we were having the 'glamorous' shot where we wore dresses as everyone's heels were higher than mine and so we were more or less equal in height - in the other shots I felt like I was dwarfing them, like I was some big scary adult, ha!

So yes, I didn't come away feeling confident, in fact I just felt a little lardy! But then I had to have a stern word with myself (silently of course!) because I turned up wearing size 10 jeans that I've had for ages and not been able to fit into, and they're not loose cut or wide leg ones either, they're quite fitted! Plus the top I'm wearing is an 8 and my jacket is a 10 so what the hell am I moaning about?! Honestly, I wish I wasn't such a giiiiiiiirl haha, but I guess in a competition like this you can't help but compare yourself to others right? It makes you *intensley* aware of any body shortcomings you might have!

In any case, I'm still grinning about it. It was a fantastic experience and one not many people have had. I totally geeked out too, which was great, there were a couple of women there who were taking notes for an article that's being written and they're both quite sporty and I was able to enthuse about Maximuscle products, to the max! Something I don't get to do ordinarily. Most of my 'sporty' friends are *just* into running or triathlon, I don't really have any people I know in real life who like to weight train. I'm really hoping that'll change though. I'd love to have a female training partner, I go to the gym with my other half but it's not really the same (even though I can almost lift as much as him!).

I'll get the pictures on a CD at some point during the next couple of weeks. We'll know next week who the winner is but I already have my suspicions that I know who that'll be. I felt a little outclassed today, but not inferior really, it's hard to explain. I'm really happy with the changes I've made in my life and the results they've produced, I love how how I look now and I know that I'm going to continue losing weight and building muscle and transforming my body more than I have... I consider myself to be in a 'during' phase rather than an 'after'.

In fact I don't think there will be an 'after', there's nothing wrong with striving to continually improve yourself, even after you've got to a level you feel happy with. There are always new things to try, sporting hobbies to pursue, nutrition and fitness facts to learn... it's a continual process really, one big exciting healthy journey, long may it continue! :-)


P.S. I'm off to celebrate now with my wonderful boyfriend and son so will hopefully post tomorrow if I have the time - my company is taking over Thorpe Park in the evening though so it might be that I don't post until Sunday if I don't get the chance during the day tomorrow.


  1. I like that mindset: that there's nothing wrong with continually striving to improve yourself. It's when you think you're "done" that gets you in trouble.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like a brilliant day. I hope we get to see some pics?! Fingers crossed for you...

  3. Fantastic stuff. Try not to be so hard on yourself (easier said than done I know!), you have no idea what the other girls before shots are like so for all you know you could show a bigger transformation than them!

  4. That sounds like such a fun day. I'm not surprised you were a bit nervous, but it's great that you enjoyed it overall :o) And even if nothing else comes of this year's competition, at least you'll have some great photos!

    (fingers still crossed for you, of course!)

  5. Hey Chick....If I recall, your the natural looked amazing, we all sat there thinking...OMG she is a natural and has to of done this before, seriously!

    I know exactley what you mean about the nerves and sweating LOL...I was so shakey!

    A great day though I loved every single minute of it, and was enhanced by you and the other two girls, you were all so lovely and down to earth!
    I cant wait to see the disk of the photos, I cant wait to get them on my Facebook and bore my friends to tears with them heheheheh

    Anyway you have got me into this blogging thing now..I have to creat my own, not sure what to do yet LOL

    Have a great week, see you soon

    Luv Lucie...The boxercise one :-) xxx

  6. Thanks for all your comments, hope you all had fab weekends! Still buzzing from Friday... I'll post the pics as soon as I get them but that might not be for a few weeks...

    Lucie - fantastic to hear from you! Of course I remembered your name - though not that spelling! But am a little sensitive to posting people's actual names on here in case they don't like it.

    In fact the only person whose name I mention is my other half and that's only cause we live together lol so I couldn't keep this secret from him - none of my friends/family/colleagues/running or tri club pals know about this blog and I'm probably going to try and keep it like this as long as possible :-D

    look forward to reading your blog once you get it up and running, be sure to send me a link! xx