Friday 16 October 2009

Thank you

very much for the comments yesterday, I really appreciate it, I love you guys and I mean that truly, not in a "ooooh I love everyone and the butterflies and birds and check out my cute dog in my expensive handbag" way, I just think you're all great and I appreciate the support :-)

I'm feeling a lot more positive today and I've decided I'm going to enter next year - ha! :-D

more later if I get the chance to post but I'm just off to meet my son at the cinema, we're going to see The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, hope it's good!

more later, much love



  1. Hey, wasn't that heath ledgers last role, let us know how it was...I heard they got a ton of other actors to finish it out. Hope it's good for you. Good on you for making plans to re enter. Good idea.

  2. it was great, really all over the place though, ha! will write more when I do my weekend update :-) x